Assault Survivor Dismantles Violence Via Source Energy & Surrender

Trigger warning: this clip does not include graphic details, but covers mature themes. If you are recently recovering from assault of any kind, please be discerning while listening. If you or someone you know needs support, please contact a trusted professional for help. For home practices to help you heal from sexual assault, check out the Sun-Healing Practice on page 139 of THE ENERGY BOOK.

During the full lock down, I was attempting to sell a show. Everyone was desperate and no one was really buying or producing. It was not the right moment for this jewel of a concept. However, I sure as hell enjoyed the research; during which—I met a woman I knew I wanted to interview. We had a long conversation covering many topics that I think you all would all find incredibly fascinating. It’s been a couple of years since we met, and every so often I think of her. She often thinks of me too. Sometimes, big lights that know a creative, cosmic pollination is to happen certainly get reminders from Spirit.

I was in driving Helena to school the other morning, contemplating writing themes for where I am now. And automatically, a tiny clip of my interview with Ingrid popped up on my Itunes through the car. I said to myself, “That’s funny— I haven’t thought of her in years,” and moved along with my day. I got in the car later and the same clip automatically popped up. I listened to it. I found it to be profound. Okay- I said, I get it. People might want to hear this about this kind of power.

The only part of our interview I was able to save (and that’s a whole ‘nother story) was this clip. It’s about how she used intuitive intelligence, trusted her knowing, and resourced cosmic gifts from Source/God/Life to save not only herself, but the life of her then boyfriend, who ultimately had a spiritual awakening from atheism.

I have another interview with Ingrid this fall. I am looking forward to it and will see what magic comes of our connection. Perhaps this time we will agree to share the whole sha-bang.

For those of you who listen, I would invite you to ask your higher self to take any wisdom from this story into your heart. We all may be learning different lessons in ways we can’t even understand.

As always, may the Source be with you.

Big Love,